Living With Varicose Veins This Summer

Living With Varicose Veins This Summer

Most people look forward to the summer months, enjoying hot days, wearing bikinis, and skimpy outfits, showing off their nice bodies, and killer legs.

Unfortunately, people who struggle from issues such as Varicose Veins don’t look forward to the summer. For them it is usually an awful, awkward, insecure time. Therefore, here are a few suggestions to help assist you in this tough time.

Stay Cool and Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water, high heat causes dehydration leading to vein dilation. Dilated veins are not good because the veins become overly sensitive to tenderness and soreness. Drinking plenty of water helps avoid these painful symptoms. Staying hydrated maintains a good circulation.

Try Self -Tanner:

Self-Tanner increases positive self-consciousness, it aids in helping hide and blend in those hideous bluish/ purplish Varicose Veins.

Stay Active:

Nice weather advantages such as a nice walk, or a soothing swim helps increase circulation. Over time the appearance of Varicose Veins diminishes.

Enjoying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Fresh fruit versus preserved fruit decreases salt intake. Preserved fruit is high in sodium (High Salt intake) reducing circulation, and causing dehydration. Examples of fruits that help increase circulation are most berries (high in fiber), and most citrus fruits (high in vitamin C).