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I had large varicose veins in my right leg to the point where that leg had actually become an entire size larger than my left, causing me discomfort and problems with clothing. Before visiting Dr. Hakim; I really was unaware that these could be removed so quickly and easily. He has a wonderful manner, kept me informed and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. His staff is also caring, kind and considerate – something that you don’t find every day! I recommend him to my friends who are experiencing the same kinds of problems I had and know that they will be well taken care of.

Ann M.

I had suffered for many years with aching and heaviness in my left leg from varicose veins. As an interventional cardiologist, I have to stand all day and it became unbearable. I went to Dr. Hakim after checking with colleagues in the city. The office staff was excellent and the care I received was just great and so easy on me. Now my leg has no symptoms and looks normal!

Lori H.

When I first came to Dr. Hakim, I had ugly, bulging veins in both of my legs. I was truly embarrassed to wear shorts or bathing trunks because I felt like people were staring at my ugly legs. After vein removal treatment by Dr. Hakim, my legs look great! No one who didn’t know me before would ever suspect what my legs looked like before. The doctor you choose really does make the difference. I would tell anyone with this kind of problem to get help from Dr. Hakim at Elite Vein Centers.

Irina O.

Please know how much I appreciate your expertise in helping me reclaim my “girl legs” after so many years of living with unsightly varicosities, and throbbing painful legs! It is really nothing less than miraculous that you so painlessly erased those ropey, purple messes from my life. It is amazing also that with so little pain or discomfort such an enormous quality of life upgrade could occur. You are so kind, attentive and knowledgeable, that at all times I felt that I was in the best of hands!

Kathy S.

I have nothing but great things to say about my vein procedure. The staff was kind and helpful. The procedure was painless with only minimal discomfort afterwards. Recovery was quick and easy. The only regret I have is NOT doing it sooner! It is absolutely one of the best things I have done for myself! I would definitely do it again.

Matt P.

I never in a million years would have believed the dramatic difference the Vein procedure has made in how I feel. Your kindness, patience and skillful precision during the brief and painless procedure really made all the difference in putting me at ease. Before the procedure my leg and knee ached, tingled, cramped and throbbed and now, not one symptom remains! And my leg is smooth, beautiful. I love my new left leg!!!

Maria S.

I was extremely impressed with the results. Dr. Hakim is caring and extremely skilled. Its comforting to know that he is not only doing veins but he is a trained surgeon. I walked in with road maps on my legs and walked out beautiful! It was totally painless and quick.

Cheryl M.